Turnover is an expensive hassle that many businesses avoid at all costs. However, the benefits far outweigh the expense when you consider the long-term success and possible survival of your business. If you have employees who are underperforming, especially those in a management position, don’t hesitate to let them go. Your business may suffer a short-term loss during the transitional period that follows a large layoff, but you can’t put a price on keeping your company alive.


One way to save yourself a world of trouble is to hire people that bring strong leadership qualities to the table from the very start. You won’t have to correct bad leadership if it isn’t there from the start. Pre-employment screening services can be a powerful tool when it comes to sniffing out and discovering applicants who aren’t going to provide what you’re looking for. Make sure you call any and all references on resumes; you never know when someone will arbitrarily include fake references to fluff up their resume.


Nothing will inspire your employees more than knowing they can work their way up. Your business should have multiple avenues of open communication so that you can know who is showing characteristics of leadership and promotion-worthy performance. Promoting within will not only inspire leadership but keep your knowledge and expertise in the company as well. Turnover will drastically decrease if your employees aren’t hunting for higher positions at other companies.


Not everyone is born with the natural ability to lead but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. In the scientific community, it can be incredibly common to find someone in a position of leadership who is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable but lacks the qualities to lead a team. Someone who doesn’t have inherent leadership skills isn’t necessarily incapable of learning them. Leadership conferencesare a great way to train current employees in a higher position on how to be great leaders. Leadership conferences are offered all over the United States—so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find one close your company’s location.


Although promoting from within is important, sometimes the best thing to do is find someone from the outside who can bring years of knowledge and experience to the table. Project management isn’t something that you can just learn exclusively from classes in an MBA program—it takes hands-on experience to truly master. If hiring a new manager isn’t in the budget, consider bringing in a professional consultant who can train and push your existing managers in the right direction.


Offer to pay for your employee’s schooling so that they can go back and get their MBA or just take some helpful business management classes. Consider offering employment contracts that include free education in exchange for staying at your company for an extended period of time. If an employee wants to leave, they will have to pay for the full cost of the classes they took in your agreement. Not only will programs like these reduce turn over but they will also give your company the reputation of investing in employee’s—which will attract the best prospects.


Bringing some new hires on? Make sure they are training under someone in the company who will be performing the exact same duties as them. This a great way to get current employees to take on a position of leadership and prepare them for upper management positions in the future in addition to getting you new hires acclimated.

Running a company or a small business is no walk in the park but when you use these tips to improve workplace leadership, life at the office might just get a whole lot easier.

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